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News summers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

News summers - Essay Example Discusses the bailout began path back in June a year ago. The previous president, Demetris Christofias scoffed at the measures set forward to support the economy. After he was vanquished in that years political decision by president Nicos Anastsiades, the discussions continued. Key components of the arrangement were that Cyprus needed to raise its corporate assessment from 10% to 12.5%, privatize state resources and update of its financial framework. This was to guarantee that their banks were no shelters for laundering cash. Russia its key partner was relied upon to make its commitment by lessening the loan fee on the 2.5 billion Euros it had loaned them before. The quarrelsome issue was that Cypriot bank contributors had to take misfortunes on their cash. Following quite a while of arrangement, it was concurred that a coincidental assessment of 9.9% would be collected on bank stores of $130,000 or more while the little contributors would be charged at 6.75%. Additionally, the nation needed to twist up Laiki Bank, its second biggest bank. The activities taken by the EU in Greece and Cyprus, has achieved a point of reference that different nations should take care not to fall into a money related emergency. It began with Greece where the nation took a gigantic â€Å"haircut† on its security showcase. Presently its Cyprus where bank stores are being sliced so as to back the obligation trouble. What next will occur if another nation in the euro zone falls into a monetary emergency? With Italy’s economy not looking that great, we should pause and

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The Psychological Dimension of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Birthmark Essa

The Psychological Dimension of â€Å"The Birthmark†Ã¢ â â â â â â   â â â This exposition will break down Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Birthmark† so as to exhibit that it is a â€Å"psychological† short story both in its topics and in its accentuation on the good mental part of the fundamental characters. There is most likely unanimity among abstract pundits that Hawthorne is a â€Å"psychological† essayist. Consider a portion of their announcements picked aimlessly from different scrutinizes of Hawthorne’s abstract works: Stanley T. Williams in â€Å"Hawthorne’s Puritan Mind† says: What he composed of New England was . . . .the psyche brain of New England. It was. . . . life-changing case narratives of people distressed by blame, or, as he called it, by â€Å"a stain upon the soul.†. . . . His were grave and intense reflections upon the manner by which the Puritan mind worked. . . .† (43) Edmund Fuller and B. Jo Kinnick in â€Å"Stories Derived from New England Living† express that Hawthorne got a kick out of the chance to â€Å"explore vulnerabilities of conviction that inconvenience a man’s heart and mind† (31). Clarice Swisher in â€Å"Nathaniel Hawthorne: a Biography† states that Hawthorne’s intrigue inclined toward the heart and the mental impacts of these good and moral issues† (13). A. N. Kaul considers Hawthorne â€Å"preeminently a ‘psychological’† author †â€Å"burrowing, to his most extreme capacity, into the profundities of our basic nature, for the motivations behind mental sentiment. . . . He was profoundly distracted with the cutting edge topics of estrangement, confinement, and blame awareness †and with current otherworldly issues generally† (2). There gives off an impression of being greater understanding among artistic pundits viewing the translation of Hawthorne as a †Å"psychological† author than upon some other part of his composition. ... ...athaniel Hawthorne, altered by Clarice Swisher. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1996. Melville, Herman. â€Å"Hawthorne and His Mosses,† The Literary World August 17, 24, 1850. Peckham, Morse. â€Å"The Development of Hawthorne’s Romanticism.† In Readings on Nathaniel Hawthorne, altered by Clarice Swisher. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1996. Swisher, Clarice. â€Å"Nathaniel Hawthorne: a Biography.† In Readings on Nathaniel Hawthorne, altered by Clarice Swisher. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1996. Waggoner, Hyatt. â€Å"Nathaniel Hawthorne.† In Six American Novelists of the Nineteenth Century, altered by Richard Foster. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1968. Williams, Stanley T. â€Å"Hawthorne’s Puritan Mind.† In Readings on Nathaniel Hawthorne, altered by Clarice Swisher. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1996. Â

3 Day Field Trip free essay sample

Their customers are for the most part outsiders and writer in well known papers the world over like The New York Times. The speaker just told and examine us what are the future that anticipates you in the event that you apply to their organization. He talked about the capabilities that they need for you to work for SITEL. One of the capabilities is that you need to talk smoothly in English. Since it is the second broad language that we are utilizing. What's more, the customers you are talking are for the most part outsiders so you must be acceptable in communicating in English. After our visit in SITEL we went to Market Pasalubong Shopping to purchase Goodies and gifts. After that we went to our inn and rest for tomorrows’ trip. The third organization that we visit is the International Broadcasting Bureau in La Union. It is a telecom site that resembles a server in radio broadcasts. Their offices are astonishing. We will compose a custom article test on 3 Day Field Trip or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page They talked about on how they play the radio naturally and how they investigate if something terrible occurs. They play radio and TV in different nations. The last organization that we visited is the Bangui Windmill Corporation situated in Ilocos. We by and by observed colossal windmills that turns like until the end of time. The speaker talked about by they way they made the windmills and how much power it produces. Every windmill takes just 3-4 days to fabricated. As of now they had 20 windmills running. The propellers of the windmill are versatile and can change dependent on where the breeze is going to. The power that they are making are 40% of absolute power in Ilocos.

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How to Cite Pokemon GO in MLA Format

How to Cite Pokemon GO in MLA Format (0) Ask students to have a little fun by making  them cite the most recent national craze: Pokemon GO. Apps have become a ubiquitous part of modern life. Just think of how many apps you use everyday in the classroom and at home. It’s probably not a stretch to think that someday a student will also need to cite one for a paper. I’m using Pokemon GO as an example since I love it (and who wouldn’t want the ability to use Pikachu in an assignment?), but you can have students cite any app using the same information below. For example, an app you use in school, like EasyBib (Android / iOS). Gathering Information Apps can be cited as software in MLA 7; you’ll use a lot of the same information to create a citation in MLA 8. Some details can be found on the app itself, but the bulk of information you need will be on the app’s page in Google Play or the Apple App Store. You will need the following pieces of information. The information I’m using for Pokemon GO is in orange: Author: Creator of the app. Format as: Last name, First name. Most apps will have only a company listed and no author. In those cases, leave the author blank. None Software/App Title: Title of the app. Pokemon GO Type: If it’s an app on your smartphone or tablet it is “Computer software.”  Computer software Website/Container Title: Where did you get the app? This is usually the “Apple App Store” or “Google Play.”  Apple App Store Version: What version did you view?  1.3.1 Publisher/Sponsor Name: Put the name of the company that produced the app. For the Apple App Store, it will under the “Seller.” For Google Play it will be under “Offered By.”  Niantic, Inc. Date Electronically Published: Last date the software was updated. Format it as: Day Mon. Year.  10 Aug. 2016 Date Accessed: The date you access the app when citing it. Format it as: Day Mon. Year.  16 Aug. 2016 URL: Add the URL of the app page in the Apple App Store or Google Play. MLA 7     This is the general format for citing software in MLA 7. I also recommend also using our EasyBib form for citing software for a guided way to create the citation. Overview: Author. Italicized Software/App Title. Type. Italicized Website Title. Vers. #. Publisher/Sponsor Name, Date Electronically Published. Web. Date Accessed.  URL. Actual Citation: Pokemon GO. Computer software. Apple App Store. Vers. 1.3.1. Niantic, Inc., 10 Aug. 2016. Web. 16 Aug. 2016.  // MLA 8   MLA 8 uses one standard citation format for all source types. Here’s one way to cite Pokemon GO with the most commonly used fields in the new container format. Overview: Author. Italicized Title of Source (App Title). Container one version #, Container one publisher’s name, Container one date of publication. Title of Container Two, Container Two Location (URL). Actual Citation: Pokemon GO. Version 1.3.1, Niantic, Inc., 10 Aug. 2016. Apple App Store, If you have a particularly studious student, you can also have them cite individual articles in the Pokedex about their favorite Pokemon. For example: 001 Bulbasaur. Pokemon GO. Version 1.3.1, Niantic, Inc., 10 Aug. 2016. Apple App Store, - We have already begun working on EasyBib support for MLA 8, and expect it to be ready this fall. We recognize that some schools may take some time to adopt MLA 8, so we will continue to support MLA 7 as part of our offerings. Also, we have a collection of citations guides for MLA format in for both editions. Keep an eye out for this new style coming soon to an EasyBib near you!

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The Life Of A Civil War Nurse - Free Essay Example

Women nurses, though small, impacted the civil war greatly. The small quantity of women in the nursing role is solely a repercussion of the views society had on women. They were seen as working women viewed as objects of pity. Due to the domestic roles women filled in their homes they were seen as inadequate to serve in the medical field. At the beginning of The Civil War males were the only ones allowed to fill the nursing position. These men were recruited to serve as temporary nurses having no concrete medical training. Until an early nursing pioneer, Dorothea Lynde Dix endorsed nurses who were middle-aged females. Breaking the what once was the ideals of a womans place in society. Regardless of the views society had on women during The Civil War without their care for wounded servicemen the outcome of this four year war would be completely different. On April 1861, there was no organized medical corps let alone trained nurses for the United States. The term nurse was used very loosely during the war. An officers wife who accompanied her husband to the battlefield, or a mother who came to care for her wounded husband or son and stayed behind to care for others. At the time the term nurse carried no real weight behind it. As a result, when the war broke out, women volunteered with little to no experience.the only sort of healthcare they experienced was from a home setting, rather than in any hospital. Women from the catholic religious community had training that consist of apprenticeships with more experienced nursing sisters. However, when the Union army put out a newspaper ad looking for medical assistance. Women responded to this ad with quickness. Despite their lack of experience, they volunteered to care for the sick and wounded. Looking for away to put their knowledge to good use. Doctors in the Union Army did not agree with the acceptance of women nurses. They believed their were undisplined and amateur. These were not completely empty accusations due to women having minimal experience. Acceptance from medical officials was hard to come by for a woman nurse. Even after becoming proficient in their nursing skills women still were seen as incompetent. Any mistake made by a female nurse was magnified. Making it hard for women to do their jobs without being ridiculed daily bases. Jane Hoge, a leader in the Northwestern Sanitary Commissions, said the opposition of female nurses stemmed from the lack of organization among the physicians. She wroteThe system [of nurses] was an untried experiment, and was suspiciously watched and severely criticized. Unfortunate failures were magnified and widely circulated. The misguided zeal of s ome benevolent individuals thrust large numbers of women into hospitals, without organization or consultation with surgeons. As a consequence, they were summarily dismissed by the surgeons. By the end of the war, the untrained nurses who had volunteered to serve in the Union Army won the respect of the Army physicians as well as the soldiers they cared for. Amanda Akin Stearns a nurse during the war reportedly said: We pass up and down among these rough men without fear of the slightest word of disrespect. They feel their dependence upon us for comfort and entertainment, and the difference in the wards where there in no ?lady shows how much can be done for them The Union Army acquired all these nurses through the appointed Dorothea L Dix Superintendent of the Female Nurses of the Army. Dix had no prior knowledge of nursing, but her acquired organizational skills from her previous work with asylums and prisons allowed her to be seen as a force. Dix was determined to provide the necessary aid the military hospitals needed. Women who applied for her program had a standard to meet before being endorsed by Dix. The applicants were required to be older than thirty-five, plain-looking and have habits of neatness,order and sobriety. These requirements ruled out many women who yearned to be nurses. Resulting in women disobeying the requirements and working in the war without appointments. They received no government payment for their service during The Civil War. Physicians and volunteer nurses did not see eye to eye. Nurses actions were seen as impulsive and subordinate. Questioning the practices the doctors performed on patients. They were criticized for attending to the needs of their patients, disregarding doctors orders. Sometimes nurses would completely throw out prescription and use homemade treatments. Women were labeled as disruptive when they attempted to prevent amputations. Soon their actions were marked as independent, at times, seemed naive, saved thousands lives. The more experience the nurses acquired the more medical norms they established. Nurses had no set routine during the battles. There days started at 6 a.m and ended at 9 p.m. official duties included administering medicines and distributing prescriptions to injured and ill soldiers. Much of their time consist of nonmedical tasks, writing letters for the men in battle and attending to the hospital visitors. They spent a lot of time entertaining the patients, by singing and playing music. After major battles the demand for nurses sky rocked. On June 14, 1863, Amanda Akin wrote several entries to her sister back home as the soldiers flooded the hospital after fighting at Chancellorsville, Virginia. She wrote: It seemed to me this evening, as I sat at my table adding to the list of medicines writing down name, regiment, list of clothing, etc., of the new arrivals, calmly looking at the poor maimed sufferers carried by, some without limbs, on a ?stretcher that I had forgotten how to feel, it seemed as if I were entirely separated from the world I had left behind. Soldiers poured into Armory Square Hospital with no order. Nurses were to drop the task at hand and attend to the injured soldiers. These once untrained nurses were the ones who knew how to care for a hurting servicemen. These volunteers had become accustomed to the norm of seeing men with one arm or no legs. Working as a nurse had not yet been established prior to the civil war. The civil war revolutionized nursing and allowed women the opportunity to contribute to the war. The lack of medical care for the wounded and ill soldier inspired women across the country to help out and save lives. But this opportunity did not go smoothly. Due to the lack of healthcare, women used inadequate equipment and homemade supplies. Relying on remedies they heard of from Florence Nightingale.Her 1860 book Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not became an undisputed guide for nursing care.Nightingales notes were essential to the success of a nurse during the civil war. Nightingale was the first women to be appointed to lay a foundation for nursing in England. Nightingales work helped pave the way for middle and upper class women to seek a nursing career. For the first few years allowing women into the workplace with the male medical system was war of its own. The establishment of the nursing healthcare unit provided help to those who seeked medical attention. Also benefiting the community as a whole. The building of hospitals opened up job opportunities to those seeking jobs. A prime example of job opportunity was exhibited when the Confederate Congress passed legislation in 1862. This legislation granted positions to women in the military hospitals and paying monthly wages. The increase in job opportunities was not only an economic growth, it increased a demand for education and training. More schools were developed the focused solely on medicine. These were all positive changes for the women who risk their lives to help the medical system during the war. In 1868, the American Medical Association recommended that general hospitals be used to train nurses. The AMA acknowledged the value of having skilled nursing in hospitals and hoped to avoid the use of untrained and uncontrollable volunteers. By 1880, there was a total of 15 nursing schools in the United States: by 1900, there was 432. Nursing began to receive recognition as a highly skilled profession. A profession requiring experience and knowledge. The experience for many women during The Civil War was pivotal. For many it was the first time they were away from their family and what society expected of them. From this experience they learned confidence and skills they would carry for the rest of their lives. Nurses during this time wrote many letters expressing their deep satisfaction with their new way of life. Katherine Prescott Wormeley, who served as a matron for a hospital convalescent soldiers in Rhode Island, said she spoke for the army nurses as a whole when she said (PamelaToler, Wonders Marvels, 2016): We all know in our hearts that it is thorough enjoyment to be here, it is life, in short; and we wouldnt be anywhere else for anything in the world.. Wormeley, like most women returned home after the war. Nursing was only a temporary part of their lives. Many went back to their old lives as if it was just another day. Others capitalized on the buzz of having a women in the workplace. Making their lives a little bigger than what they were before the war started. Writing was a profession that many nurses took to after the war. The most famous among these would be Louisa May Alcott, whose account of her Civil War experience, Hospital Sketches, inspired women across the country. Alcott wasnt the only nurse to keep account of her time as a nurse. During the war many women carried journals to keep track of the things they encountered. Writing letters to their families shedding light on the horrors that was a day to day life . Another nurse that became famous for her entries about the war was Amanda Akin. Nurses like Akin were eyewitnesses to the brutality of the war. Seeing the amount of soldiers brought into the hospitals after battles can leave a tremendous toll on a women who had never seen anything comparing to death. Writing was not the only profession women went into after the war. Many went on to earn their medical degrees. Vesta Swarts, for example, worked as a high school principal before the war. When she was honorably discharged from h er duties as a nurse in Louisville, Kentucky, she became a physician. This was a challenging position to go for as a women. Despite it being challenging she returned to Auburn, where she practiced medicine for the next thirty years. Going for a medical degree wasnt something many women felt was necessary to make their mark. Helping The Civil War was validation enough that they had accomplished something many thought to be unreasonable. Middle class women who served as nurses during the war were expected to return and work on charity events. This was not the case, women used their newly discovered confidence and experience to organize political activist movements, manipulating their way through a male dominated society. Taking leadership roles at local levels to start their influence bases. For instance, Emily Parsons, a nurse who served in the war for two years at many hospitals, organized a campaign supporting the opening of a charity hospital for women and children in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. Others went for national roles, founding groups such as the Womens Christian Temperance Union, the Womens E ducational and Industrial Union and American Red Cross (PamelaToler, Wonders Marvels, 2016). These women became active in the womens right movement which allowed them to expand on all the emotion that lingered from the war. They wanted to tag on womens right to the Abolition Movement that was plaguing the country. They saw much success with this approach to spreading the word about womens rights. The life of a Civil War nurse took many different turns after the battles were over. Weather they choose to go back to having a plain life or seek more from their community was completely up to them.

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Search For Identity A Virtual World - 1834 Words

Searching for Identity in a Virtual World In Ready Player One, the creation of a virtual identity, or avatar, unleashes one’s true self. In this cyberworld game, one can create their character to be their ideal person: physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The virtual reality sets the backdrop for which the action takes place and the characters play out their roles. Interestingly, the gamers who control their respective avatars have within themselves some of the same characteristics that they have built into their ideal personas. Some of these characteristics may be exaggerated, and some, such as gender, may be reversed, but the traits of bravery, intelligence, aptitude, and heroics displayed in the virtual world exist deeply within these same real world people. The expression of these characteristics in the virtual world is an incitement of these characteristics existing in the real world. The interaction of the virtual experience enables the characters to ultimately m anifest these characteristics in their everyday lives. The name of the OASIS for the videogame gives the reader a sense of its possible influence on the world around itself. People log into the OASIS daily as an escape from their dreadful lives. It is the year 2045, and there is â€Å"widespread famine, poverty, and disease. Half a dozen wars† (Cline 1). True to the definition of its name, the OASIS, is an MMO paradise that provides â€Å"a pleasant and peaceful area in the midst of a difficult and hecticShow MoreRelatedSearch For Identity : A Virtual World1923 Words   |  8 Pages Searching for Identity In a Virtual World In Ready Player One, the creation of a virtual identity, or avatar, unleashes one’s true self. In this cyberworld game, one can create their character to be their ideal person; physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The virtual reality creates the backdrop against which the action takes place and the characters play out their roles. Interestingly, the gamers who control their respective avatar have within themselves some of the same characteristicsRead MoreSearch For Identity From A Virtual World2041 Words   |  9 Pages Searching for Identity From a Virtual World In Ready Player One, the creation of a virtual identity, or avatar, unleashes one’s true self. In this cyberworld game, one can create their character to be their ideal person; physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The virtual reality creates the backdrop against which the action takes place and the characters play out their roles. Interestingly, the gamers who control their respective avatar have within themselves some of the same characteristicsRead MoreCollaboration Participation And Collaboration Web 2.0 Essay1114 Words   |  5 Pagesnetwork activities, and even their identities (they can choose to be anonymous, as is the example with one good HR blog or videos on YouTube of dirty toilets in hospitals, create virtual identities or present their actual selves, as Narendra Modi is getting along on YouTube with his Prime Minister s broadcast) 3.Identity Many users of Web 2.0 technologies create virtual identities that may be different to their real life ones. Virtual identities are evident in virtual globes such as Second Life andRead MoreSocial Media Versus The Teenage Mind1748 Words   |  7 PagesThe world has changed dramatically since the creation of social media sites around the year 2000. Today, people communicate face to face or on the telephone less frequently. Fewer individuals obtained knowledge or information through books, newspapers, or television. With the creation of social media sites like Facebook, society has moved into the digital age where information and communication are just a quick click or search on our phones. Children born after 2000 will only know of a world withRead MoreThe Hidden Assault On Our Civil Rights1742 Words   |  7 Pagessome shape or form, like our own identities, no two are the same. Some aspects of our identity may be similar to others but in some way it will always be differ ent as we perceive things differently. Our teachings, religion, culture, thoughts, etc†¦ are what defines us and sets us apart from the rest of the world. Kenji Yoshino a Japanese American, as a child was torn between two identities of being Japanese or an American, he later covered up his Japanese identity in order to fit into the social normRead MoreJunot Diaz Drown Research Paper1665 Words   |  7 Pagestoo. Whenever a character enters an unfamiliar environment, they experiment with language to find themselves and understand reality. For immigrants, language is a means to retain one’s identity; however, as they become more assimilated in their new communities their language no longer reflects that of their identity but of their new cultural surroundings. When an immigrant, immigrates to a new country they become marginalized, they’re alienated from common cultural practices, social ritual, and scriptedRead MoreTechnology And Its Impact On Society1203 Words   |  5 Pagesa video game designer, and Sherry Turkle, a technology professor at MIT, both have their own perspectives on technology and how it impacts emotions. McGonigal’s main focus is how video games can be used as a model on how we as humans can make this world a better place. Turkle’s studies are focused on how technology such as cell phones, online avatars, and social media make a whole generations personal development different from past generations. McGonigal is extremely optimistic towards the idea ofRead MoreGroups and High-Performance Teams1617 Words   |  7 Pagesassociate themselves with a group identity and begin to form an attachment to their teammates. â€Å"The fact is that it takes a lot more work to build a well-functioning team than simply assigning members to the same group and then expecting them to do a great job.† (Shcermerhorn, 2005). Team Identity Setting a team’s identity is one of the first steps a manager must take in forming a high-performing team. As we often witness in the sports world, a team’s identity can help to rally team members andRead More The Facebook Addiction Essay939 Words   |  4 PagesTheFacebook Addiction Poke. Poke back. Poke. Poke back. Welcome to the world of TheFacebook, the online community where flirting with that cute person that sits next to you in class is only one click away. TheFacebook is an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities. Since being founded, in February 2004 at Harvard University, TheFacebook has expanded to many universities across the United States. In November 2004, the numbers of registered usersRead MoreHow Technology Has Revolutionized The Realm Of Education1535 Words   |  7 PagesThe aim of the essay is to help educators understand the implications Online Research Skills have on the classroom. Learning institutions have embarked on creating online facilities where students can access information through internet via the World Wide Web. The remote access in various parts of the globe makes it possible for students to study irrespective of their location and the geographical areas. However, guidance is paramount when students choose various sources of research found online